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[Recording] GFA-School on Future-IoT: Cora Lisa Perner & Paul-Emmanuel Brun (Airbus) – Keynote “Secure connected, multi-modal mobility and using vehicles as sensors”

Like & Share: GFA-School on Future-IoT (#fiot): @Airbus keynote “Secure connected, multi-modal #mobility and using #vehicles as #sensors”
June 29, 2022/by Olivia Pahl

Bavarian-French Start-up Challenge “AI-Cup”

April 4, 2022/by Cosima Stocker

Call For Proposals 2022 – Research and Education & Knowledge

February 23, 2022/by Cosima Stocker

GFA Newsletter 2022/1

February 14, 2022/by Tjabbo Reinhardus

2nd German-French Industry of the Future Workshop

February 2, 2022/by Cosima Stocker

Airbus and ArianeGroup join the industrial “Partners Club” of the German-French Academy for Industry of the Future

June 11, 2021/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

Workshop, June 24th – How can Machine Learning push the boundaries of Digital Twins?

May 28, 2021/by Olivia Pahl

Summer School on AI for Industry 4.0 – July 26-30 2021

May 6, 2021/by Olivia Pahl

Brokerage Event on French-German collaboration in AI

March 4, 2021/by Morwenna Joubin

2020 in review

February 7, 2021/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

An online workshop to foster German-French collaboration on Artificial Intelligence

November 2, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

Call for Participation to the Winter School Future of Data Sharing for Manufacturing Industry

October 27, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

Throwback at Fall School Future of IoT 2020

October 25, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

Workshop on reconfigurable production systems

October 20, 2020/by Morwenna Joubin

[Livestream registration] Fall School “IoT meets Security” goes online !

September 24, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier
New research projects

9 new research projects to improve Resilience & Sustainability for the Industry

September 21, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

Call For Research Proposals – Resilience and Sustainability for the Industry of the Future

May 27, 2020/by Morwenna Joubin

Joint AI: a platform to facilitate German-French research in AI

April 23, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

[Update] Call for participation to the Summer School “Trustful AI for Industry”

February 28, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

2019 in review

January 10, 2020/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier

AI meets IoT: crossing technologies for the Future

November 5, 2019/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier
35 up-and-coming scientists from 15 countries took the chance to present their visions of AI-enhanced mobility at the BMW Summer School 2019 – and to discuss the challenges that lie in wait with experts from science and industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Urban Living – BMW Summer School 2019

July 24, 2019/by Lisa Pietrzyk

SeCIF project wins Best Paper Award at ICC

July 20, 2019/by Paul-Guilhem Meunier
Gonzague Dejouany, a major donor to the Academy.

An ambassador for our Industrial Partner’s Club: Gonzague Dejouany

June 4, 2019/by Lisa Pietrzyk

Workshop: Sharing data to improve supply chain performance

May 15, 2019/by Lisa Pietrzyk
Vivatechnology 2019

VivaTech 2019: Disruptive solutions and joint AI and data research

March 21, 2019/by Lisa Pietrzyk
Eye Tracking used in a driving simulator.

Considering the human factor: Winter School on cooperative systems

December 12, 2018/by Lisa Pietrzyk
Joint Research

We are launching new joint research projects for Industry 4.0

October 23, 2018/by Lisa Pietrzyk
At the international event in Saint-Malo, al participants cooperated on their topics.

A Summer School on network connectivity and IIoT connects people

October 10, 2018/by Lisa Pietrzyk
The winner team of the Lean Startup Machine Startup Pitch Award showed exceptional collaboration and understanding of Design Thinking in designing a modular mobility concept for urban space. From left: Mesut Kuscu, Sungjun Lim, Teena Hassan, Armin Gerl and Osama bin Tariq.

BMW Summer School on “Intelligent Cars on Digital Roads”

August 13, 2018/by Afaadmin

30 solutions for Industry 4.0 at Viva Technology 2018

May 30, 2018/by Afaadmin
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