• Number of new companies working to develop cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies increasing in the last years,
  • Surge of interest in Industry 4.0 from established companies across a wide range of industries. Businesses investing heavily in new digital infrastructure, seeking out partnerships with startups to help them stay ahead of the curve.
  • This expedition will include: visits to innovation clusters, industry clients, venture capitalists and startup fairs in France and Germany, meetings with researchers and academic experts from our two institutions.


  • Expand the horizon: cross-border development and business for the startups, provide an opportunity to gain insights into the industry of the future with all its facets,
  • Build new relationships: enable start-ups to benefit from dedicated networking events and getting in touch with the rich ecosystems, form new fruitful collaborations between startups, researchers and the industry in general,
  • Enhance knowledge and expertise: help the startups tackling their technological challenges (for ex. by organizing meetings with academic experts),
  • Perspective of future joint (EU) projects.