The Summer School on AI Technologies for Trust, Interoperability, Autonomy and Resilience in Industry of the Future (ai4industry) was established in 2020 by Victor Charpenay and Antoine Zimmermann from IMT Mines Saint-Étienne together with additional French and German partners. The ai4industry Summer School is a flagship event of the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future (GFA). On this year’s 4th edition, the Summer School includes a broader range of academic international partners and is willing to expand further the collaboration with industrial partners.

About the topic:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a cornerstone for the technological advancement of many industries. Manufacturing industry is a special case in which digital transformation creates a nurturing environment for its adoption. Yet the lack of skilled workers and the slow transfer of these technologies to industry may hinder or reduce the pace in which this economic sector may profit from these technological advances.

The 2024 Summer School on AI Technologies for Trust, Interoperability, Autonomy and Resilience in Industry of the Future aims to address these obstacles by preparing the next generation of talent in AI. In particular, this summer school aims to teach the state of the art of the use of AI technologies to tackle the challenges of data revolution and to automate cognitive tasks to develop a trustful and resilient Industry of the Future.

The Summer School is organized around practical real-world industrial problems structured as use cases defined in collaboration with companies. These use cases aim to stimulate the discussion at the academic institutions toward addressing real-world problems and to showcase innovative solutions to industrial partners.

During the in-person activities, participants attend lectures of AI technologies and carry out practical exercises dedicated to applying these technologies to solve real-world problems in a simulated Industry of the Future platform. This platform is composed of IIoT devices, automated production lines and modular conveyors. Participants present their achievements in applying these technologies at the end of the Summer School.

After the Summer School, the participants are encouraged to continue their engagement in solving these problems with the support of the organizers and submitting their work to conferences. In addition to hone their technical skills, participants have the opportunity to enhance other valuable skills, such as, synthesize and communicate technical solutions to a heterogeneous audience.

We are still on search for Industry Participation

What we offer you as an industrial partner:

  • Expert Keynote on a topic related to the field of the Summer School,
  • Lectures on AI technologies applied on Industry of the Future,
  • Presentation of a technical Use Case
  • Contribute incorporating your real-world challenges into the hands-on activities based on a Hackathon.


  • Luis Gustavo Nardin, IMT Mines Saint Etienne, luisgustavo.nardin(at)
  • Olivia Pahl, German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future, olivia.pahl(at)