The educational activities of the AFA are carried out by a fantastic team that is directed by Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl (TUM) and Paul-Guilhem Meunier (IMT).

The direct MOOC management in the organizations is carried out be Konstantina Koumpouli (TUM) and Delphine Lalire (IMT). Both are supported by T.B.D. (TUM) and Anja Hoppma (IMT).

An editorial board consisting of Andreas Fleischmann (TUM), Delphine Lalire (IMT), Paul-Guilhem Meunier (IMT), Marc-Oliver Pahl (TUM), and Frédérique Vincent (IMT) discusses new directions for the MOOC activities and decides about which MOOCs will get funding.

Finally teams within TUM and IMT work together on new teaching material.