Startup Learning Expedition 2024

Building upon the resounding success of our first Startup Learning Expedition (LEX) in 2023, we are happy to announce the commencement of our second edition. Through a rigorous selection process, we have carefully chosen a group of 6 French and 5 German startups, each exhibiting exceptional promise within the dynamic realm of technology and innovation.

The LEX represents far more than a mere journey; it is a transformative experience designed to empower participating startups with the knowledge, networks, and resources necessary to navigate and thrive within the vibrant tech ecosystems of France and Germany. Through a series of curated presentations, pitches and networking sessions, our startups will gain unparalleled insights into the partner ecosystem.

In France, our German startups will have the opportunity to visit Europes biggest startup and tech event, VivaTechnology. Meanwhile, their German counterparts will immerse themselves in the dynamic tech landscape of Munich, Berlin, and beyond, gaining firsthand exposure to the pioneering ventures and cutting-edge developments that define the German tech scene.

A highlight of the expedition will be the opportunity for German startups to attend VivaTechnology, Europes biggest startup and tech event, in Paris where they will engage with industry leaders, investors, and fellow innovators on a global stage.

Similarly, French startups will participate in the renowned Bits & Pretzels founders festival in Munich, where they will connect with visionary entrepreneurs and thought leaders shaping the future of business and technology.

Through this immersive and collaborative experience, we aim to foster meaningful connections, facilitate knowledge exchange, and catalyze innovation across borders. We are confident that the insights gained and relationships forged during the LEX will serve as catalysts for the continued growth and success of our participating startups.

Information on last year’s LEX here.

Chosen Startups

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