A Recap: GreenHack~IT 2024 – Hackathon on Green AI Solutions

Organizers of the GreenHack~IT on-site in Palaiseau

The GreenHack~IT 2024, a hackathon on Green AI Solutions, is a collaborative initiative between the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future (GFA), Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT), and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Womanpower at the GreenHack~IT 2024 with female participants and organizers

Hosted at the campus of Télécom Paris in Palaiseau near Paris, the hackathon brought together 20 students from five IMT schools in France and 20 students from TUM in Germany. Over the course of four intensive days from March 14th to 17th, these bright minds delved into the challenge of optimizing the supply chain of Ariane6 parts, generously provided by ArianeGroup.

The challenge was not just theoretical; it directly addressed the complexities of multinational logistics within the aerospace industry. Participants grappled with real-world scenarios, leveraging their skills in Green AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to enhance ArianeGroup’s tracking system, ArianeTracks. This platform, designed to monitor asset movements, presented an opportunity for students to convert tracking data into actionable insights, paving the way for improved decision-making in the supply chain.

Participants visiting Paris

The hackathon kicked off with an engaging icebreaker event—a boat tour on the Seine, fostering camaraderie and collaboration among participants. As teams formed and the challenge was unveiled, students dived headfirst into brainstorming and hacking solutions. A pivotal moment arrived on the second day with a Q&A session featuring ArianeGroup experts, providing invaluable insights and guidance to the aspiring innovators.

The Winning Team “BFB – Built for Business”

Days two and three were dedicated to intense hacking sessions, as teams refined their solutions and prepared for the final pitch. On the fourth day, the culmination of hard work and ingenuity was showcased as student teams pitched their solutions to a distinguished jury comprising members of the organizing institutions and ArianeGroup.

The competition was fierce, but ultimately, three standout teams were crowned for their innovative approaches and impactful solutions. The winning team was awarded miniature models of the Ariane6 rocket—a symbol of their achievement and the potential impact of their ideas on the future of space exploration.

Group photo of the participants and organizers of the GreenHack~IT

The GreenHack~IT 2024 was not just a hackathon; it was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and Green AI in addressing global challenges. As we reflect on the event, we celebrate the creativity and dedication of all participants and look forward to seeing the ripple effects of their ideas in shaping a more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more updates and future opportunities to engage with the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future as we continue to foster innovation and collaboration in Green AI solutions.