[#WisdomWednesday] GFA Winter School on Reconfigurable Production 2020: Servitization @ Boa Concept – Nawel Bekkaye and Jean-Lucien Rascle

On November 19th, 2020 Nawel Bekkaye and Jean-Lucien Rascle gave a keynote at our Winter School on Reconfigurable Production. You are cordially invited to watch the recording on Youtube.

About Nawel Bekkaye

Nawel Bekkaye is External relations manager at Boa Concept. Communication is for her a clever mix between creativity, passion and precision. Having worked in associations, start-ups and small and medium-sized companies, she has developed a great versatility that allows her to take on transversal subjects combining the technical aspects of the industrial world in which she evolves, with the creativity and the strength of proposal necessary to her job.

About Jean-Lucien Rascle

Jean-Lucien Rascle is President of Boa Concept. He is a generalist engineer having developed solid knowledge in business management, real time computing, warehouse management computing, automation, mechanization and electronics. Able to manage and mobilize teams on both industrial and research and development projects. Inventive, able to think outside the box to achieve real innovations by synthesizing various techniques.

Specialties: Company management, software development, automation, project management, commercial law, patents, company creation.

About the GFA Video Series and the #WisdomWednesday

Education is one of the core missions of the GFA. Therefore we have wonderful education projects in the field of industry 4.0, such as summer schools, hackathons and online courses that we organise together with leading universities in Europe. To present our education efforts to a bigger audience and share it with people all over the world, we created the GFA Video Series. Under the hashtag #WisdomWednesday we present interesting talks and keynotes every Wednesday on our website and in our social media. Stay tuned and check also our YouTube Channel.

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