Workshop on Data-driven Collaboration in Industrial Supply Chains (DISC)

May 20th and 21st in Munich

Supply chain performance: Sharing data is crucial

The digitalization initiated by Industry 4.0 has promoted data as a crucial topic for industrial supply chain actors. Simultaneously, the interest in collaboration within manufacturing and distribution systems is growing, with the objective to improve the utilization of resources available. An efficient coordination implies that the different actors, who sometimes are also competitors, disclose and share data with each other to improve global supply chain performance.

This brings out contradictory incentives in which industrials have to assess the benefits and the risks of sharing information, ponder the amount and type of data to share in order to make maximum benefits from the collaboration without jeopardizing their position by disclosing strategic information to their competitors.

Promoting Collaboration between industrial partners

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the IMT-Atlantique are now facing this issue and have jointly initiated the Data-driven Collaboration in Industrial Supply Chains project (DISC). The DISC project launches a workshop on May 20th and 21st in Munich which aims at initiating a collaboration between industrial partners whose final objective is to come up with academic and industry-oriented perspectives on technologies and software (cloud) for data-sharing, tools and concepts for estimating and allocating the benefits, and a framework for estimating risk and different mechanisms for securely sharing necessary information without disclosing details which entail too high risks.

The workshop welcomes presentations of on-going research and industry projects on decision-making problematics dealing with collaborative aspects and data sharing in the supply-chain. Topics discussed during the workshop will include presentations which are either

  • conceptual,
  • technical (IT solutions) or
  • practical (case studies).

The workshop will especially focus on processes in the automotive and aerospace industry as being official partners in the DISC project.

  • Information Sharing & Asymmetry
  • Value of Information
  • The use of blockchains & smart contracts
  • The use of cloud technology & collaboration hubs
  • Integrated Business Processes
  • Information systems, software, data exchange, API and standardization
  • Cloud computing/manufacturing related aspects
  • Management practices
  • Tools from Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Operations Research
  • Practical case studies